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Mythic Plus

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Mythic Plus


Availability: Yes

Estimated time: 1 day


  • 110 level character
  • Some decent gear for +8 or higher difficulty

Upgrading your key:

  • We will run needed amount of dungeons till we upgrade your key to level you choose and will do a run on that lvl to make it your weekly record (for example in case you choose 3-11 level, thats mean we will play your character needed amount of mythic dungeons to upgrade your key from third level to 11 and will do the run on 11 level).

Single mythic dungeon:

  • We will do the run in 1 dungeon on chosen level for weekly dungeon record using our key (for example in case you choose 10 lvl, thats mean we will use keystone on 10 lvl mythic+ dungeon and will complete it for you for weekly dungeon record). This option does not includes upgrade of your key



Maximum number of characters: 100